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Open Friday - Sunday, 8am - 5pm

Monday 8am-3:00

Closed Tues, Wed & Thurs.

Change Dirt Bike Tube/Tire - Off Bike $30

Change Dirt Bike Tube/Tire - On Bike $45

Change ATV Tire/Reseal Beads - $15

Replace ATV Stem - $15

Suspension Services

  • Change Fluid and Seals: $95 per Shock or Fork Off Bike or ATV PLUS PARTS
  • Re-valve $75 per Damper Unit (i.e.1 Fork or Shock is a damper unit) PLUS PARTS

Carburetor Service

  • $95 per Carburetor. Off Bike or ATV.
  • On bike price varies by Make and Model

Quick Services for Dirt Bikes & ATVs

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