Axis Powersports is located at the entrance to Croom Motorcycle Area at Withlacoochee State Forest. Here is information about riding the trails at Croom.

What do I need to get a permit?
Show your driver’s license to get the permit. You do not need a title for your bike or ATV. The sticker will be applied to the fork on your dirt bike.

How much does a permit cost?
An annual permit costs $80 for Florida residents and $100 for out-of-state residents. A single-day pass costs $15. Permits are prorated for other months throughout the year for Florida and out-of-state residents. Florida OHV rates are here.

How long is the permit good for?
The OHV permit is valid from July 1 – June 30 each year. Day passes are available.

What are the trails like at Croom?
Trails – 2,600 acres and miles of trails. Here is the map:  Croom Motorcycle Area Trail Map
The pit – Riding in the pit is great for practicing motocross. Lots of berms, small jumps and whoops. They call it sugar sand. You won’t find sand like this anywhere else and it’s great practice. The conditions are perfect after some rain.

When is CMA open?
The gatehouse and campground are open seven days a week. The gatehouse is open 8am to 5pm.

If I store my bike at Axis Powersports, how do I enter CMA?
If you store your bike or ATV at Axis Powersports, you will walk you bike about 100 feet to the entrance by the gatehouse. Someone at the gatehouse will unlock the gate for you. The gate is at the entrance to the sand pit.

What lodging options are available?
•    Buttgenbach Mine Campground at Croom. Go to the CMA website for more information about camping at Croom.

•    Hotels: Days Inn, Hampton Inn, Quality Inn and Holiday Inn Express are all at the entrance to Croom. Microtel is nearby too.

The newest option for staying at Croom is the MotoRanch a moto oriented AirBnb inside the gates of Croom. Check them out here:

How do I contact CMA?

Croom Motorcycle Area Gatehouse

Telephone: (352) 797-5759

If no answer, call the Visitors Center (phone number below)

Withlacoochee State Forest

Recreation/Visitors Center

Telephone (352) 797-4140

Email Withlacoochee State Forest

How do I find the Croom Motorcycle Area website?
Click here to go the CMA website.

What are the rules at Croom?
•    Helmets are required for all riders at all times when on a dirt bike/ohv.
•    Daylight riding only.
•    No pets.
•    No alcohol.
•    No riding double unless bike is factory built for two riders.
•    Campground check-out is at 2:00 p.m.
•    Currently, ROVs are not permitted at CMA.
•    See State Forest Rules For OHV Areas before your visit.

FAQs about Riding at Croom Motorcycle Area at Withlacoochee State Forest

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